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Ankle Joint for Two Hole Fixed Foot - Stainless Steel

Rp. 1,495,000

Kode Produk : KAS0012

Four Bar Linkage Knee Joint With Pyramid

  • With adjustment core on both sides  
  • Polycentric 
  • With mechanical extension assist 
  • Suitable for max. 100 kg (220Lbs) body weight

Recommendation : 

  • For knee disarticulation amputees • With moderate functional levels 
  • Normal stability 
  • Not suitable for insecure amputees and those with higher functional levels

Description :
The upper and lower joint section is connected to each other with anterior and posterior linkage bars. The lamination anchor is the detachable connection to the socket. The stance phase stability is achieved through polycentric kinematics. Extension assist and axial friction are both adjustable. 

Technical Data : 
Knee flexion range: approx. 110° • Height (knee center - upper edge): 28 mm

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